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G R E AT E R N A S H V I L L E H O U S E & H O M E & G A R D E N ™ 24 flooring remains the selection of choice over actual on-site installation and finish- ing, many experts say. Reasons include faster completion schedules as the floor- ing is ready to be used immediately in- stead of waiting for finishes to cure. Additionally, prefinished warranties are very difficult to top with traditional on-site ones. The majority of manufacturers today offer 25 and 50 year warranties, which generally only cover the actual wear of the finish itself. Saying that wider planks create less variation in the final floor, Denny adds that wider planks also work better with the scale of today's open living designs. "Long boards are becoming more popu- lar," he says. "A sure sign of quality hard- wood flooring is the length of the board. The longer, the better quality." Most popular species among his clients are European oak, Northern Appalachian live sawn oak, and hickory, Denny reports. "All of these materials take stain beauti- fully. Our clients love matte and satin fin- ishes. Gone are the days of a shiny floor." Denny reports that almost all of the hardwoods his company sells are engi- neered. "Because designers and home- owners prefer wide planks, we steer our clients to an all wood engineered product that will interact with their home's envi- ronment much better than a solid hard- wood. Almost every engineered floor we sell can be refinished twice and we expect the floors to last upwards of 100 years." Hodgkins says that while hardwood flooring plank width trends vary region- ally, today's homeowners often prefer open floor plans and favor longer, wider planks because they offer continuity within those spaces. Random widths are a design trend that can help create a unique statement in home Hodgkins says. "Historically, random width planks were created in order to uti- lize the cut of the tree in the most effi- c ient way. Using these various sizes within your home will help you create a floor w ith a more natural, authentic feel." Popular open concept floor plans allow homeowners to create patterns with floor- ing to help define each space. Using a wider width plank in the living room may make it feel more grand, while narrow planks in an alcove or reading nook may make it feel cozier and more intimate. As seen in the homes showcased in this year's Charity Tour of Homes, hardwood floors remain popular. At R. Thomas Con- struction's house "The Next," character grade, 7 1/4"-11" wide white oak flooring provides warmth and character. David Pat- ton Construction is showcasing a home with random width planks in a medium-to- dark stain, and a spiral staircase highlights dark-stained hardwoods. Like other industry observers, Laura Graham of Remax Elite reports that home- owners generally choose to put hardwood floors in the entire downstairs with it also in hallways and staircases. "Carpet is still popular in the bedrooms," she says. Denny adds that his company is putting a lot of hardwood flooring in basements. While some textured hardwoods, such as hand scraped and wire brushed, are popular, smooth floors are elegant and classic, according to industry experts. ◆ Image this page courtesy Shaw Floors. B et h H a l ey D e s i g n N a s hv i l l e 6 1 5 / 2 2 8 - 3 6 6 D e co ra n g D e n I nte r i o rs N a s hv i l l e 6 1 5 / 4 6 9 - 7 3 3 5 Fl o o r z B re nt wo o d 6 1 5 / 7 7 1 - 7 6 6 9 Ka r m a l Sk i l l i n gto n N a s hv i l l e 6 1 5 / 4 6 0 - 7 1 9 7 M arc e l l e G u i l b eau I nte r i o r D e s i g n N as hv i l l e 6 1 5 / 5 7 4 - 6 7 1 1 R & S F l o o r i n g B re nt wo o d 6 1 5 / 7 7 1 - 0 0 8 4 Re m ax El i te B re nt wo o d 6 1 5 / 6 6 1 - 4 4 0 0 So u t h e a ste r n Sa l va ge N a s hv i l l e 6 1 5 / 2 4 4 - 1 0 0 1 Tex t u re s N a s hv i l l e N a s hv i l l e 6 1 5 / 2 2 6 - 2 9 2 2 T h e r e a r e a n u m b e r o f s o u r c e s i n t h e N a s hv i l l e a r e a fo r h a r d w o o d fl o o r i n g i n - c l u d i n g :

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