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MAR-APR 2019

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M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 9 A Fresh Space Franklin 615/ 509-1933 Alabaster & Walnut Designs Nashville 615/ 243-4791 Caldwell Banker CM&H Clarksville 931/ 206-1343 California Closets Franklin 615/ 367-1030 Closet Company, The Nashville 615/ 742-1955 Closets by Design Franklin 615/ 261-8700 Jonatham Miller Associates Knoxville 88865/ 602-2435 John M. Green Realtors Franklin 615/ 9792-0500 Tailored Living Nashville 615/ 590-8775 "For efficiency in dressed and keeping the bedroom quiet and unclu-ered we try to in- c orporate enough storage solu,ons to accom- modate everything necessary to dress," says Williams. "Islands are highly favored by our clients, and sea,ng is also oen incorporated." She adds that some closets include a whole wall devoted to shoe storage and some may prefer a mix of open and closed storage. As closets have added sea,ng space, Williams r eports she's seeing a trend toward incorporat- ing work space for a laptop and a bill paying area. Some authori,es predict that as Millennials begin making their personal preferences known, closets will become more mul,-purpose and take on more importance than bedrooms as t hey become more focused on sleeping. Emily Yoakum of Jonathan Miller Architects reports her company generally prefers that clos- ets flow with the rest of the home. "We tend to carry the same wall color and flooring from other areas to assure it s,ll fits with the home," she says. "Usually the cabinet finish will be white unless the homeowner wants to bring in a w arm stain or a fun pop of color." If there are separate his and her closets, she adds, the "his" closet tends to be richer and darker in color. Closet size is the most important factor for most homeowners, according to Marybeth Duke of John M. Green Realtors, LLC. "Most homeowners would gladly have a smaller bed- r oom if they could have a larger closet," she says. Duke adds that light—any kind of ligh,ng—is extremely important in a closet. "And not win- dows. We want light that won't fade clothing," she says. Agreeing that homeowners do prefer to in- clude storage in their closets so they can elimi- n ate furniture in the bedroom, Joey Long of Coldwell Banker CM&H, says however that many homeowner maintain dressers or chests with drawers in the bedroom to accommodate televisions and accessories. ◆ There are a number of sources for closets in the Nashville area including:

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