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G R E AT E R N A S H V I L L E H O U S E & H O M E & G A R D E N ™ 22 W hile spring cleaning can be crucial in keeping your home in p-top shape, especially for DIYers who find inspiraon in the bright season for new home decor projects, the annual ritual can also feel overwhelming. To add color and whimsy, and make spring cleaning a more joyous event, consider these ideas from mom and designer Joy Cho, the founder and cre- ave director of Oh Joy!—a lifestyle site focused on design, fashion, food, and life's joyful moments. Frame homemade artwork. Once spring has arrived, you may have compiled lots of chil- dren's artwork from me spent indoors. To keep it all organized, si through it in the spring and frame some of your children's hard work to put on the walls as colorful pieces of homemade decor. Start with a fresh clean. Rou- nely cleaning your high-touch surfaces with disinfecng wipes and picking up common areas is a good habit to get into and should be a starng point for any spring project. When you start with a clean space, you know you won't have to deal with dust bunnies and cluer along the way. Plus, with nearly 1 in 3 Americans (31 percent) adming to rarely or never deep cleaning their households, according to an online Clorox survey in February 2019, regu- larly freshening up can help you maintain a clean space and cut down on )me spent tackling big messes. Decorate with color. Make your shared spaces as fun and unique as possible by adding pops of color. Aer cleaning ac- cumulated dirt and dust off your bookshelves, add contact paper to the inside back sec)on of the shelves and flower vases or decora)ve jars for temporary color and character. You can also add an unexpected spring )me pop to floral bouquets by incorpora)ng fragrant mint sprigs or colorful stems. Picking out an arac)ve spring print that brings you joy and upda)ng your throw pillow shams can also provide lile bursts of color. Repurpose everyday items. Look for items around the house that can serve a second- ary purpose, like the limited- edi)on Oh Joy! Clorox Disinfec)ng Wipes Designer Col- lec)on, which can serve as statement pieces while seng the stage for a happy and healthy season by removing un- wanted germs and dirt that may be lurking in your home. The stylish canisters can also be rinsed and reused aer the last wipe is gone to hold everything from cra supplies to kids' toys or flowers. "For the first-ever Clorox De- signer Collec)on, I created four unique canister designs that are inspired by fresh blooms, spring sunshine and the feeling of a clean, new start," Cho says. "What I love most is that they make the canisters arac)ve enough that you no longer need to hide them under the sink. Leaving them on the counter for cleaning up messes throughout the day is not only convenient but adds a lile joy to your spring decor as well." Maintain your spaces. Spend- ing a lile )me each day clean- ing high-traffic spaces can be Add Joy to Spring Cleaning Photo courtesy of Lily Glass for Oh Joy!

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