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G R E AT E R N A S H V I L L E H O U S E & H O M E & G A R D E N ™ 34 pagne provides a great blend of white and gold metals." Last year's lighng trends highlighted the pairing of circles and squares in precise proporons and paerns, according to Stansell Dye of Fergu- son. "The geometric duo is reimagined in 2019 and embraces abstracon and bold paerns. A light with unique graphic forms in any finish can be the centerpiece of a room and expresses the charm of the paern trend," he says. He adds that manufacturers connue to experiment with a variety of color finishes. A new emerging finish is textured white. The texture is both refined and organic, he says, and a simple textured white light fix- ture is a subtle surprise in an all-white room; it can also be a statement piece against a bold color choice. Lighng experts agree that LED fixtures—those using light-eming- diodes—are here to stay due to their convenience, flexibility, and the fact that prices are coming down. John Sheng of Cathay Consulng Company reports that both modern trends and white finishes are trending in lighng fixtures for 2019. "LED lighng is making great headway in residenal design," says Jones. "The technology is changing how fixtures are made, as the LED lights can be integrated right into a fixture, changing the shape of light. Color changing and dimmable LED lighng is becoming common." Other lighng trends include natural materials such as a linen or bam- boo shade or a wooden chandelier. And the newest industrial looks will include warm tones and so, muted fabrics. Light fixtures will focus on simple, linear designs with hanging lighng spreading across the width of the room instead of drop- ing low into the space. Floor lamps and table and desk lamps should be stand-alone statement pieces. Adding lighng beneath a counter, be- neath cabinets, or behind a mirror can fill a space with soothing light without adding visible fixtures. Connued from page 30

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