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JUL-AUG 2019

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G R E AT E R N A S H V I L L E H O U S E & H O M E & G A R D E N ™ 30 bathroom trends M ost bath experts agree that homeowners want to create a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere in their master bathrooms. "Bathrooms have gone from a simple more ulitarian look to a place where homeowners can express their personal style through the use of color, paern, texture, and art to create a space that has much more visual inter- est than in the past," says Beth Duer of Markra• Cabinetry. Bohnne Jones of Decorang Den Interiors says many home- owners have become comfort- able with the idea of not having a tub, but instead are opng for a larger shower with more fea- tures. "For those keeping a tub, the tub has become a big thing— they are very sexy looking. But I recommend the homeowner try ge‚ng in and out of the tub be- fore making a decision." Echoing others, Sharon Hicks with Carriage House Custom Homes and Interiors, Inc., says, "Baths definitely connue to be a luxury or retreat space. Home- owners are spending more on their bathing spaces and are also giving consideraon to aging in place opons. We're seeing showers more open and with more glass and fewer borders." Homeowners connue to seek unique, high design spaces, ac- cording to Victoria Highfill of Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery. "They are selecng color, texture, and mixing/layering fin- ishes to create the kind of space they're seeking on social media," she says. Duer reports that open con- cept bath layouts today fre- quetnly feature exposed shower plumbing, bold black vanies, vanies in front of windows, large pastel le in showers, and gun metal and mae black hard- ware. According to Sara Ray or Sara Ray Interiors separate water clos- ets are preferred, and adds that the open concept floor plan doesnt work in every instance. "Somemes it's hard to fit a walk-in shower with large glass shower surround, double vanity , free-standing tub under a win- dow into a pre-exisng floor plan. Highfill says that while the large walk-in shower connues to be the standard for master baths. "Bathrooms are trending toward the more streamlined and funconal, rather than overly large spaces." In agreement is Esther Lovin- good of Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium. "Master baths are definitely leaning toward open floor plans—think fewer angles and more space for a free-standing tub. The modern bathroom has more room to move." Photo courtesy Decorang Den Interiors.

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