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G R E AT E R N A S H V I L L E H O U S E & H O M E & G A R D E N ™ 42 mate space. And in areas where wallpaper it ulized, finding a coordi- nang color to use on the ceiling or other walls can make a room feel more put together." According to Lewis, homeowners are using a limited color palee in a variety of ways. "They may use two or three colors in the home, but they are placing those colors on muple surfaces. The wall color in one room is the ceiling in the next. The cabinet color in the kitchen may be the trim and door color in the bathroom. Homeowners are expressing their creavity not necessarily in the multude of colors they use in their homes but in the manner in which they choose to use them." Gilley reports she recently finished a project featuring pale blue ceil- ings accented with white beams, and in the same home the owners chose navy blue for the ceilings of their exterior porches. Nong that homeowners seem to be more interested in introducing color on their ceilings because the color isn't at eye level. "A lot of mes we will paint a ceiling with a darker color or a bold color to play off other elements in the room," says Yoakum. "We have done this with navy and natural stained wood recently." Commenng on "Color of the Year" opons, Barne says they are "not typically predicve of trends. The best pick for 2019 is PPG's Night Watch. It's the kind of moody, dramac color I like to use for celings and coang trim, walls, and bookcases in libraries and home offices." For 2020, PPG has named Chinese Porcelain as it's color of the year, describing it as a blend of cobalt and moody, ink blue that offers es- capism. PPG reports its global color experts chose the color because it imparts calmness and res"ul sleep while offering the spirit of hopeful- ness. Ray adds that Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan Gray "is a good neu- tral for clients who want to add some warmth to their walls. It's a great shade of sof warm grey. Night Watch by PPG is a bold teal that we've noted is on the forefront of cabinet color trends this year. Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams will do well with the sll trending eco-chic and bo- hemian styles. It's reminiscent of natural terracoa clay and also plays on the blush/pink color trend." Lewis agrees that Metropolitan Gray has been increasingly popular as it already works well with the current trends. Designers are split on what colors are most popular—some are all out for shades of navy and blue as the newest colors, while others re- port that greens are most popular. Barne reports that hunter green and other green shades are finding favor with her clients, and Jones says emerald green is a new trend among her homeowners. Hunter green and other green shades are on Ray's radar. Debra Waters of Benchmark Realty agrees that green is popular, as homeowners seek to "bring the outside in" with grass green white, natural wood furnishings, and pops of splashy color to bind it together. "Think of a garden and have fun" are her words of advice. Kate Goeringer of Brick Realty reports that jewel tones are very pop- ular as pops of color throughout a home and on accent furniture, while Marybeth Duke of John M Green REALTORS LLC says her clients are leaning toward natural browns and tans. Yoakum and Gilley say their homeowners are leaning toward navy and other blue shades and in agreement is Paula Cirulli of RealtyTrust Residenal who says blue-leaning colors are finding favor with home- owners and are likely to join the mainstream in the months ahead. Jones also reports that pink and blush shades are gaining popularity, while coral and other announced "colors of the year" are making their way into the home furnishings market. ◆ There are a number of sources for paint in the greater Nashville area including: Image above courtesy Sherwin Williams, Cavern Clay. Decorang Den Interiors Nashville 615/ 469-7334 Decorologist, The Nashville 615/ 714-7034 Hoover Paint Store Murfreesboro 615/ 893-5756 Jonathan Miller Architects Knoxville 865/ 602-2435 JustDucky Vonore 423/ 519-3820 Praccal Decorator Nashville 615/ 645-5140 Sara Ray Interior Design Nashville 615/ 254-6328

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