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J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 45 Gilbert of The Clean Air Company. "These homeowners find that the crawl space has largely been neglected for many years. We are called in to take this area from a costly li- ability to a valuable asset. A healthy home starts with a healthy crawl space." Gilbert adds that cleaning out the debris, removing the mold, and installing a vapor barrier or encapsula•ng a crawl space will go a long way toward ge•ng rid of odors, soil gasses, and moisture in the area. "We also recommend a dehumidifier to remove hu- midity and improve a home's air quality. An encapsulated crawl space also allows an HVAC system's ductwork to perform be‚er." Butler says homeowners of higher priced custom homes are interested in natural ele- ments such as sustainable flooring and hand- made furnishings, while other homeowners are more likely to select such items only if they are priced compe••vely. She adds that most homeowners are interested in lots of natural light and in energy-efficient windows and doors. LED ligh•ng con•nues to gain popularity with homeowners as LED bulbs decrease in cost and more light fixture styles are de- signed to take advantage of the increasing di- versity in technology. LED fixtures, in addi•on to requiring far less electricity than tradi•onal incandescent light bulbs, produce far less heat in a home. Bohnne Jones of Decora•ng Den agrees that homeowners want more daylight in their homes. "Daylight is environmentally friendly, reducing the need for ar•ficial light- ing during the day." she says. Commen•ng on the growing interest in LED ligh•ng fix- tures, she adds, "The new LED light fixtures are quite interes•ng and you can change the color of light as well as the brightness with the new LED bulbs." Toilets have been improved to use even less than the 1.6 gallons allowed since 1994, Jones says, and also men•ons the hands-free faucets available to reduce the spread of bac- teria. "And tank-less water heaters can save 27 to 57 percent of the energy used by a tra- di•onal water heater," she says. Emphasizing the value of air quality in a home Jones suggests that low-noise bath- room vent fans to help remove moisture and prevent mold while adequate kitchen ven•- la•on can reduce grease, smoke, moisture, and odors that prove unhealthy in a home. There are a number of sources for healthy home prod- ucts and services including: Beth Haley Design Nashville 615/ 228-3664 Clean Air Company, The Nashville 615/ 758-3717 Decora•ng Den Interiors Nashville 615/ 469-7334

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