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G R E AT E R N A S H V I L L E H O U S E & H O M E & G A R D E N ™ 48 48 Water 101 Though it is summer and we like to keep things lite and bright, we just can't. News of major droughts happening around the world have caught our aenon and the reports have turned into a rabbit hole of informaon with no end in sight. Water consumpon and water ef- ficiency have always been at the top of our minds in terms of ways to pracce sustainable design but it has never been more clear to us than it is now just how important consumpon saving techniques are to both human health and world development. Did You Know • The United Naons in 2010 recognized access to water and sanitaon as a basic human right as lack to safe, affordable water, and sanitaon have debilitang effects on the "health, dignity, and prosperity of billions of people" and conse- quences for other basic human rights. • According to the Internaonal Labour Organi- zaon, indigenous and tribal people care for roughly 22 percent of the Earth's surface, and protect nearly 80 percent of the remaining bio- diversity on the planet, while represenng only 5 percent of the world's populaon. • The human body is roughly 60 percent water. The heart and brain are roughly 73 percent water and the lungs are roughly 83 percent water. Skin is nearly 64 percent water and bones are roughly 31 percent water. • Leaders around the world are contemplang the idea that the next world war could be fought over water. Books have been wrien and speeches have been given. It is a truly stag- gering idea and a concept we cannot afford to ignore. • Of all the water on the planet, only 2.5 per- cent is fresh water and that number is finite. Techniques To make sure you're not contribung to the water shortages to come, and to see how you can contribute to conservaon: • Look for cerficaons! In the case of faucets, toilets, showerheads, etc., look for products with the WaterSense seal. Just like the EnergyS- tar and LEED labels and cerficaon, Wa- terSense is a government backed cerficaon that helps set standards for what is considered efficient and sustainable. The good thing is, brands across all price points have cerfied products and you really don't sacrifice style or funcon. For appliances that use water, the standard is EnergyStar. • In addion to using products that help con- trol water usage, make an effort to be con- scious of your consumpon. How can you do what you need to do but more efficiently? Did you know turning the water off when you brush your teeth saves the average of 2500K gallons of water a year? • Harvest rain water! Start simple or get as technical and fancy as you want. The easiest way is to connect your guers to rain barrels or create a cistern system. • Plant smarter! How much water does it take to maintain your yard and garden? If it takes an irrigaon system to keep your turf yard happy and green, it is probably a sign you are in an up- hill bale with nature. Two trends we love see- ing around town are eco-lawns and green roof gardens. Both use nave plants to reduce the amount of water needed to maintain them, contribute to a reduced heat island effect of a densely populated city like Nashville, and cre- ate lile safe havens for some of our smallest inhabitants such as birds and bees. ◆ —By Kate Gray Fudim Editor's Note: Kate Gray Fudim is an interior designer with Beth Haley Design. Kate has a master's degree in Interior Architecture and De- sign with an emphasis in sustainable design. Beth Haley Design, an urban interior design firm, focuses on remodeling and revitalizing es- tablished homes, as well as crea ng s mulat- ing, func onal, sustainable spaces in new homes.. E-mail your ques ons to her at or visit www.bethhaley- green interiors

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